As you are very aware of, choosing the right candidate is one of the most important and difficult tasks in filling a search.  It is essential that all parties involved understand the client's requirements regarding the candidate and the position. 

We focus on providing our clients with the back-office research functions of a recruiter.  We specialize in finding mid to senior level executive candidates. It's important to differentiate between the skills needed for a successful recruiter vs. a researcher/sourcer. Your recruiter is your rapport builder, your  liaison between the client and the candidates, your closer. On the other hand, your researcher/sourcer is the behind the scene person. Think of us as private investigators. Sourcing is an art. It's a skill that is not easy to master. Not everyone is cut out to be a researcher/internet sourcer. The purpose of your sourcer is to find qualified candidates while saving you money. Candidates who have the personality, objectives, and motivation you are looking for. We will find them, after all that is what we get paid to do. That's our job. Check us out!


Caryn Ewald Managing Partner & Dir. of Researcher jce@execmining.com 



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